There’s more to creating a smart city than simply filling it full of internet of things (IoT) based devices – it should also complement a location’s history and inhabitants’ ways of life. When this approach is taken, what can be achieved is truly astonishing and in this issue Russell Poole of Equinix looks at what must be considered when interconnecting the smart city. CLICK HERE to read his thoughts.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed that passive optical networks (PON) are something of a talking point – the question is why? PON’s origins go back over two decades and it was, and is, a key factor in the development of fibre to the home (FTTH). However, its influence is now starting to be felt in the LAN and to establish the reasons behind PON and POL’s current popularity we’ve asked a panel of experts to examine its advantages and disadvantages, and what the future has in store.
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Good containment is as vital as ever and Domenic Trapassi of Ortronics/Legrand looks at how the retail sector is benefitting from edge computing and what to consider when selecting a cabinet for this type of environment. Meanwhile, as rack ready architectures remain the foundation of today’s critical IT applications, Marc Garner of Schneider Electric looks at why customisation is key. CLICK HERE for Domenic’s article and to read Marc’s CLICK HERE.


In addition to all this, we have a special feature dedicated to AIM, IIM and network management. CLICK HERE to read Rahul Rathod of Nexans’ views on the benefits of AIM and CLICK HERE to find out why Olivier Alquier of CommScope thinks the best cabling infrastructures are the ones you never notice.


Rob Shepherd Editor