‘It’s crazy how cyclical this industry is! Centralised, decentralised, centralised and now some more decentralised resources due to edge computing,’ is a quote from Carrie Goetz in her response to this month’s Question Time and, as usual, she’s right on the money.


It therefore begs the question whether this is just the latest stage in a longer process that may, in due course, revert to a centralised model once again. As well as ascertaining whether the decentralised model is here to stay, we’ve also asked a panel of experts to examine how disruptive is the current trend is for owners and operators of larger colocation facilities, and you can CLICK HERE to read their comments.


While passive optical networking (PON) has been subject of much conjecture during 2019 so far, fibre optic technology continues to make its mark elsewhere, particularly in the data centre. CLICK HERE to read why Dieter Studer of R&M believes developments in this area are helping to meet the needs of today’s data centres. Meanwhile, those responsible for configuring optical fibre infrastructures will also understand the need to avoid contamination on the endface, so CLICK HERE to read Mark Mullins of Fluke Networks’ best practice advice for cleaning and inspecting multi-fibre push on (MPO) connectors.


Also in this issue we have a special feature dedicated to cooling and climate management. Karl Lycett of Rittal explains why effective climate control is necessary for optimal equipment operation and uptime, while Colin Parker of EDP Europe explains how to go about it in a cost effective and efficient way. CLICK HERE for Karl’s article and to read Colin’s CLICK HERE.



Rob Shepherd Editor