Intelligent buildings continue to be an area of considerable interest, with a level of innovation that is simply mindblowing. Although the ability to operate a multitude of building services over a single network infrastructure is perfectly possible, it seems that there are a number of concerns about doing so.


As well as asking what is the biggest barrier to achieving a truly converged network infrastructure within an intelligent building, we’ve asked a panel of esteemed industry experts to outline the risks to occupants, technology and operational security in configuring building services over a single unified cabling system. CLICK HERE to read their comments.


With data centres becoming increasingly reliant on high density cabling, pre-terminated solutions continue to grow in popularity. We have two articles on this subject and, in the first, Richard Cann of Excel Networking Solutions offers 10 reasons to choose a pre-terminated solution. In the
second piece, Colin Parker of EDP Europe explains why pre-terminated optical fibre offers a flexible and easier route to delivering faster network speeds. CLICK HERE to read Richard’s article and CLICK HERE for Colin’s.


Also in this issue CLICK HERE to read Clive Partridge of Rittal’s article on how edge data centres create decentralised IT resources quickly and flexibly in retail environments, and don’t miss our UPS and power management special feature, with excellent articles from Chatsworth Products (CPI) and Kohler Uninterruptible Power (KUP) – CLICK HERE for the former and for the latter CLICK HERE.




Rob Shepherd Editor