The spike in data centre energy use caused by artificial intelligence (AI) will come as no surprise to anyone working in the sector. According to a study from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and Economics, AI could consume as much energy as a country the size of the Netherlands by 2027, while data centres in Ireland consumed nearly one-fifth of the country’s total electricity in 2022.

In this month’s issue we have a special feature dedicated to this subject. CNet Training’s Pat Drew shares his A-Z of terms, techniques and initiatives that are shaping the debate, while Jorlan Peeters of HyTEPS identifies the smart route to optimising data centre Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Ajay Kareer of then goes on to look at the need for reliable, energy efficient connectivity solutions in data centres.

We also have a special feature dedicated to copper cabling standards, comprising two excellent articles. In the first, James Withey, liaison officer between IEEE 802.3 and ISO/IEC SC25 WG3, offers a fascinating insight into the intricacies of developing ISO/IEC generic structured cabling standards, and then goes on to provide an update on the latest developments. In the second, Arvind Patel of AEM compares the various copper cable certification standards and how they play an important role in formalising the testing requirements for cabling.

On the wireless side of things, Wi-Fi technology continues to push on, with Wi-Fi 7 set to positively impact the design and configuration of intelligent buildings. To outline the key considerations when specifying a network cabling infrastructure to support Wi-Fi 7 we have assembled a panel of industry experts to offer their advice.

Rob Shepherd