Many people are surprised when they find out that nearly 70 per cent of data centre outages can be attributed to human error. This attitude seems strange given that a data centre’s infrastructure is generally under processes and procedures that are devised, developed and implemented by humans!


That said, even the smallest amount of downtime must be avoided and, therefore, reducing human error is imperative. So, as well as suggesting what can be done to reduce human error, we’ve asked a panel of esteemed industry experts whether it could ever be eliminated and if artificial intelligence is the answer to minimising downtime. CLICK HERE to read their comments.


There has been a positive response to the recently launched Network Cable Installer (NCI) Apprenticeship. For the full lowdown on its aims and objectives, we’ve asked CNet Training’s Andrew Stevens to provide a comprehensive overview and you can read it by CLICKING HERE.


Getting back to technology, the importance of converged network infrastructures has never been higher and in this issue we have two articles on this subject. First up, Andy Hirst of Sudlows explains why it can encompass numerous disciplines and fields within a data centre, while Matthew Payne of Nexans looks at whether 5G will replace Wi-Fi in in-building networks. CLICK HERE to read Andy’s article and CLICK HERE for Matthew’s.


Also in this issue we have a special feature dedicated to enclosures, racks and cabinets. Alberto Zucchinali of Siemon discusses how innovative cabinet design supports managed service providers to create an agile data centre environment and meet the rising need for better space utilisation, repeatability and security. CLICK HERE to read his comments.


Rob Shepherd Editor