We’ve been told about the damage being wreaked upon the planet by plastic waste for many years, but it took the images in the BBC’s Blue Planet II for the message to finally sink in about its devastating effect on our oceans. The programme has been widely heralded as a key moment in the war on excessive use of plastic and viewers were clearly affected by it.


It’s therefore good to know that some manufacturing and distribution companies within the network infrastructure industry are taking action to reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use. Installers and consultants are playing their parts too by actively requesting minimal packaging and favouring those companies that show a commitment to sustainable practices. As well as asking what more can be done with regards to this issue, in this month’s Question Time we’ve also asked a panel of industry experts to assess the impact and benefits of a more sustainable approach. CLICK HERE to read their comments.


Continuing the green theme, Kennedy Miller of Leviton explains why using environmentally friendly strategies and implementing a circular economy creates a smarter, greener business model. You can read his thought provoking article by CLICKING HERE.


Getting back to technology, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) has always elicited strong feelings both for and against. We have two articles on this subject in this issue and, in the first, Marc Garner of Schneider Electric examines the evolution of cloud based DCIM. In the second piece, Stu Redshaw of EkkoSense explains why organisations need to look beyond DCIM if they’re serious about optimising their energy performance. CLICK HERE to read Marc’s article and CLICK HERE for Stu’s.



Rob Shepherd Editor