During 2020 the cloud experienced a surge in popularity, so much so that with a growing number of enterprises deciding to use it as part of their digital transformation strategies, is has been suggested that the days of the corporate data centre are numbered. This, however, wouldn’t be the first time such a claim has been made, so what, if anything, is different now? In order to get a sense of perspective on the issue, in this month’s Question Time a panel of experts offer their views and predict what the future has in store.    

While corporate data centres face their own challenges, colocation facilities have to ensure that they have infrastructures that are flexible, agile and can cater for the ever changing needs of their clients. Alberto Zucchinali of Siemon evaluates the different infrastructure solutions available to colocation providers to help speed-up service provision in challenging times. Meanwhile, Assaf Skolnik of RiT Tech and Joe McCaffrey of Duke McCaffrey explain why data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tools have an invaluable role to play when it comes to supporting a data centre’s expansion, migration or retrofit.    

With more copper cabling systems available than ever before, doing your homework before purchasing is well worth the time and effort. Mark Froggatt of BASEC explains the importance of third-party testing and certification in making sure structured cabling systems are reliable, efficient and meet the demands placed on them.    

Copper cabling system technology is also evolving at a rapid pace, with the use of modular plug terminated links (MPTLs) becoming more prevalent. However, it’s important to recognise exactly where MPTLs are better suited for connecting devices instead of traditional outlets, faceplates and equipment cords, so we’ve asked Yuna Shin of Leviton to provide an all you need to know guide to the subject.  

Rob Shepherd